Solutions for Business Owner Succession & Transitions

What do we do?
Who do we work with?

How do we help our clients achieve their business goals?

Business and Owner Preparedness

We gauge the owner’s personal and financial readiness to transition duties or control as well as the business’s ability to facilitate a transition, and help them understand how to close any gaps

Business Owner Transition Planning

We create and implement a plan for owners achieve a work optional lifestyle or help them extract the maximum value from their business interests upon their transition out of ownership

Business Valuation and Tax Planning

We help owners understand the potential value of their business and any tax impacts a transition may have to their personal and family financial goals

Business Financial Planning and Analysis

We help the business understand their competition, recognize, and overcome inhibitors to growth, and model growth and valuation over time

Business Asset and Value Protection

We create and implement strategies to protect business assets and value, both as a going concern or for any potential buyers

Business and Personal Disaster Planning

We help prepare and implement a plan to preserve value, harmony and continuity for the business, the owner(s) and their families in the event of death, disability, divorce, disaster or disputes

What does a typical business client look like?

Our clients come from all over the United States and are typically closely held, established businesses with strong pre-tax profits that may or may not have an existing management team

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